Frantic Assembly: Teacher Training Workshop

Frantic Assembly Logo

One day workshop held in June 2019 in London, England.

About Frantic Assembly:

“The Frantic Method is approaching devising as a series of tasks, each broken down into building blocks. This is designed to establish progress from the simplest discoveries. Performers are encouraged to take a moment back to its simplest truth and build from there. This places dancers, actors, students, teachers and all participants on the same starting point. Using these building blocks they are empowered to find and create complex work through a process that is safe, fun and constantly illuminating. This process came about through recognising my own limitations coupled with a desire to teach and share something as soon as I learnt it. I wanted to develop a language that felt accessible and honest. I wanted to share a process that would take people past their perceived limitations. Over the years this has helped performers understand how their bodies tell stories and how those bodies are capable of a strength and nuance they might not have recognised before.

The Frantic Method has helped Frantic Assembly become leaders in movement direction within theatre. It is essentially direction through movement and promotes an acute physical awareness that can be implemented in moments of stillness just as it can be in the physically spectacular.

The Frantic Method is at the heart of all of our work on stage and in studios across the world, from FatherlandThings I Know To Be TrueOthelloThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to our work with students of all ages and abilities.”

– Scott Graham, Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Workshop Description:
Learn new ideas and tools, which can be applied in the classroom. This is open to all and no previous experience necessary.

Ignite your passion for teaching drama in our one-day practical Teacher Training workshop.

This highly energetic and creative workshop allows teachers to become students again for the day, introducing Frantic Assembly’s unique approach to creating physical material. The course is perfect for teachers working with young people, who wish to extend their knowledge and practice of devising and physical theatre techniques.

  • Experience the processes used to create Frantic Assembly’s award-winning shows and find out how to develop key skills crucial to the performer/director relationship.
  • Learn new and exciting approaches to devising work from a recommended theatre company on Edexcel, IB, WJEC, AQA and OCR exam syllabuses.
  • Build your own physical confidence, develop your skills and transfer them to your classroom.

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