Welcome to The Lion King Experience

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I am so excited to be directing one of the first productions of Disney’s The Lion King, Junior this spring.  The show was just released and had a massive roll out from Disney at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta.  My students were so excited about this show that we scrapped our plans for our spring production and transitioned into The Lion King.  I am currently in pre-production for the show and have just finished all the audition song cuts and am in the beginning stages of the design process.

I am very fortunate to have an amazing art teacher at my school who likes to work on huge projects with the kids.  She is working on designs for an elephant and giraffe puppet to use in the show that will be massive (hopefully we can get them through the doors.)

In addition to the show, Disney has created an entire curriculum that I will be using with my 8th grade theater classes.  We are just getting started, but in looking through the resources it is really well done.

I thought I would blog my way through our production this spring and share any tips and tricks I pick up along the way.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone down the road.  So stay tuned… We “just can’t wait” for auditions in a few weeks!

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