IB Workshop: Arts Visual and Performing: Implementing the MYP Curriculum


Held November 2016 at Chatsworth International School, Singapore

Workshop Description:

This workshop encourages participants to: 

  • Develop a collaborative and collegial approach to the structures and principles of the subject group aims and objectives, concepts, contexts, and approaches to learning skills
  • Prepare effective teaching, learning and assessment strategies and design tasks that will support the implementation of the subject groups and guidelines 
  • Create relevant, innovative and challenging student-centered environments 
  • Align their educational beliefs and values to reflect those of the IB in order to create a challenging programme of international education

These workshops allow you to inquire into the MYP philosophy and the written, taught and assessed curriculum in order to:

  • Develop MYP units that allow students to develop an appreciation of art-specific skills and concepts 
  • Explore how to design authentic and meaningful summative assessment tasks that allow students to engage in a process of creative exploration and self-discovery of art forms and their context.

MYP Arts Certificate Rachel Damon

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