IB Workshop: Understanding the MYP


Held September 2016 at Stamford American International School, Singapore

Workshop Description:

You will deepen your understanding of what it means to be an IB World School and investigate the impact of successful MYP implementation on individual school programmes, structures, and curriculum development. Acknowledging that change is constant, the workshop will support you and your teams in helping your schools develop a growth mindset that will facilitate organizational transformations and will explore how to create a robust MYP that supports your abilities to communicate the IB mission and foster the development of the learner profile attributes. The workshop will challenge you to reflect on how your schools show value in the following key components of the MYP: 

  • International-mindedness and responsible action
  • MYP unit planning; assessment 
  • Support for the personal and/or community project 
  • Designing effective master schedules 
  • Encouraging students to thoughtfully select classes 
  • Providing broad access to more challenging courses

Understanding the MYP Rachel Damon

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